Friday, February 3, 2017

Austronesian artist from Taiwan’s Bunun tribe honors the Moon through art exhibition

Eval Malinjinnan was born into the Bunun (布農) tribe, one of Taiwan's officially-recognized Austronesian tribes. The Bunun number around 41,000 people. Her parents were shamans, so Eval was nurtured by indigenous wisdom and spirit. The influence in her upbringing can be seen in her unique, creative works of art, which do contain a colorful and expressive feminine style.

Eval, or Vava, now lives in Sydney Australia continuing her mission of being a voice for Taiwanese Indigenous heritage using the colors of Mother Nature. It is hoped that the meaningful stories behind Eval’s unique and creative artworks with a Bunun twist can reach the hearts of the viewers.

In the "MOON TALE" solo exhibition, Eval presents the Bunun mythological elements with a motif of the Moon-oriented Bunun lifestyle and the traditional musical instrument such as hong-hong or mouth-harp, bow string, etc. as a means to preserve timeless beauty. The exhibit has been on exhibit in the TICA Art Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan since the Fall of 2016.


Moon Baptism
Moon Dance

During her long odyssey, Eval Malinjinnan has grown an insightful realization for the importance of preserving her heritage. Based on both globalization and contemporary aesthetic perspectives, she is willing to voice her quad-linguistic skills through her brush in the hope of awakening the divine inner seed that can sprout to fruition. She honors her Taiwanese heritage with a flux of old and new eras, lovingly combined.

Moon Flowering
Moon Guidance
In order to differentiate the individual beauty and uniqueness of the sixteen Indigenous Nations in Taiwan, Eval features the Bunun People with the moon as her current motif. She depicts a series of Bunun lunar-centric life style, expressing the ancient wisdom of ethics, morals and a profound respect of Nature.

Moon Heritage
Moon Tribute
She believes that being an indigenous artist is also a channel, bridging inside and outside worlds. A chance to learn, educate and respect all by embracing our differences. Thus, the Moon Tale series is to break the pan Indigenous Peoples, bringing Bunun People to life with her one off lunar-centric focus. This also can be interpreted as another beautiful tune in a continuing orchestra which sings the praises of life, and adds up to be part of a grander world symphony.

Book Cover

Her art and her story can be enjoyed through her new book. The Art of the Woman by Eval Malinjinnan can be purchased in bookstores in Taiwan and online. The Art of the Woman, can be purchased by following this link.

Eval Malinjinnan

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